TRUST AND SURRENDER: Learning to Let Go While Still Responding to Your Needs in Uncertain Times


Preparing for something completely uncertain whilst being faced with the possibility of isolation ultimately leaves one course of action…

To remain ADAPTABLE and ready to see something new emerge in your experience of your Self and the world.

You do what you can and then LET GO and TRUST.

That’s when it’s no longer tiring – instead potentially energising.

Humanity has been crying out for a shift in consciousness and how we relate to each other for so long now.

AND, in a physical world so tightly attached to its old ways, that change cannot come without firstly receiving a divine reflection of our TRUTH in all its colours.

Right now more than ever, one of the truths we are facing is that our vibration is everything and fear is fairly present in our collective (right or wrong).

Don’t deny the fearful animal in you, its urging you to survive and it can be your friend.

Simultaneously don’t deny the spiritual being in you, it's urging you to THRIVE. To thrive on adaptability, hope, ingenuity, faith, love, joy, gratitude, unity and compassion.

With this thought I am reminded that as much as we are each susceptible to harm we also equally susceptible to wellness, immunity, flow and opportunity.

We can’t lose sight of that, and each have the self-sovereign power to hold that vision…

But not at the expense of responding.

The opposite of fear right now could very well be denial or ignorance - equally as dysfunctional.

This spectrum of response-ability is highlighting the need for finding centre in TRUST AND SURRENDER.

From this core vibration we can hold an aligned vision for what we truly desire whilst being able to act with integrity.

As we spin from one extreme emotion to another, we have the capacity to come back to these vibrational frequencies that are more resonant with the greater truth of humanity…

That we are DIVINE CREATORS and that ultimately the Universe is all-ways colluding in our favour.

Even if it doesn’t look that way right now.

We are all called to service now whether we like it or not.

Our individual actions map the course of our collective future.

Stay in your power.

Stay in your heart.

Do what feels integrous when you’re in your centre.

Remember what your Soul knows to be true.

And let LOVE be the source of all action.

Be ALL that you are.


Ps. I recently ran a group meditation and activation where I assisted my client group to come back to their core frequency of SAFETY, CALM and RECEPTIVITY, thereby enhancing their ability to respond.

Please enjoy.
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Andrew Hazzar

Adventure Facilitator

Working with Heath continues to be inspirational and motivating.
It was a huge step for me and I am so glad I did.
Heath’s wealth of knowledge, experience and passion shines through his coaching and lights me up, empowering my purpose and contribution to the world.
I am excited about the future and the all the steps on the journey of Impact!
If working with him calls to you.
Just do it.

Khistian Mizzi

Singer, Song Writer & Musician

Heath is an innovator, motivator, creative thinker and inspirational mentor.

I’ve loved working with him, sharing a journey of self-discovery and purpose.
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