Activate Your Soul's True Power to Create a Lasting Impact on Planet Earth



I recently presented the second round of THE STARSEED ACTIVATIONS.

More than 260 people registered for the ONLINE EVENT.

We activated The Divine Destiny Codex for the first time ever.

This is a totally new series of 5D, 6D and 7D templates that assist Starseeds and Lightworkers in Soul-aligned business...

To become a vibrational match for their highest timeline of Divine Service, limitless potential and abundant creativity.

And we further activated a planetary grid to assist Lightworkers and Starseeds fulfil their Earth mission. 🌏

Once again this LIVE activation was POWERFUL!


The third Starseed Activation Codes to come through are…


The journey of fulfilling our purpose begins and ends with SELF-LOVE.

If we are truly to be here for others, so as to serve humanity to the highest, we must first be here fully for our Self.

Channelling Unconditional Self-Love into our business, service and creativity means opening ourselves up to receive and express the fullness of our Divine Presence…

Free from judgement, subordination and denial of our True Wisdom and Power.

It’s a keycode for embodying our Divine Blueprint and sees us fully accept ourselves.

In this way it’s an activator for sharing with the world our most impactful ideas and gifts…

And the most purposeful products and services available through us.

It assists us to become a vibrational match, and a magnet, for our highest timeline of limitless potential.

The workshop was a total LOVE BOMB for all involved.

I’ve received feedback from participants saying how much more energised, motivated and inspired they feel to step further into Service.

Some are saying that they’re creativity has been greatly fuelled and that they’re stepping into ALIGNED action rapidly.

Others are reporting a deep opening of their heart, enabling a greater channel for the love and compassion necessary to create REAL change.

And that they have a more practical understanding of how they can be more impactful in business AND life by staying true to their Soul’s calling.

When I accepted the mission to run this event and build this community, I had no idea how well received it would be and what a powerful effect the activations would continue to have on the participants.

Humanity is in an Expansion Portal…

And you’ll be blown away at the UPGRADES available for you to receive right NOW!

SO, get ready to step deeper into your potential to create a lasting IMPACT on planet Earth…

As I facilitate a channelled activation anchoring the second round of The Starseed Activation Codes.


     ✓ (RE)CONNECT with your Divine Guidance Team – your Higher Self, your Soul, your Spirit Guides and Star Family.

     ✓ DISSOLVE the lower vibrational coding that limits your self-belief and blocks your courage in following a path of purpose.

     ✓ ACTIVATE remembrance of your Soul’s most mastered characteristics and step into inspired action!

     ✓ AMPLIFY your influence through embodied self-awareness of your Soul’s desire to lead.

     ✓ ALIGN your life and your business with your Soul’s highest intentions for purposeful creativity, freedom and abundance.

     ✓ ACCELERATE your evolution with tools and techniques that unlock your spiritual potential.

If you’re truly here to make an Impact and aid the Evolution of humanity whilst manifesting Abundance, be sure to watch this powerful presentation.

Myself, The Arcturian Council of 9 and The Elohim Council can’t wait to serve you!

Be ALL that you are.


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Nick Petch

Senior Learning Experience Designer & Consultant

Heath transcends outdated coaching models. 

Just being in his energy field lifts your game. 

In the last 4 weeks, out of nowhere, I’ve attracted 3 prominent speaking slots including presenting to the NZ Government. 

Not only have I found harmony and balance in my work life, I get more done and have more opportunities.
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