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The foundation of every great Earth Mission is COURAGE.

The bigger the mission, the bigger the vision, the more Courage needed.

Every lightworker in business, consciously following their Soul’s highest intentions for purposeful creativity knows this.

Every hero’s journey begins with a call to adventure, a step into uncertainty, a readiness for challenge.

On an Earth Mission adversity is a given because we’re working within the limitation of 3D.

And in the face of that adversity, one must find something DEEPER than trust, faith and hope.

One must FIRST find something that draws upon the resource of excitement, without falling into panic;

Something that capitalizes on the state of knowing, whilst happily leaning into uncertainty;

Something that keeps us connected to the merits of our heart, without yielding to over sensitivity.

This virtue is COURAGE.

We need Courage firstly to accept our mission.

Then we need to dip into that Courage continually in order to…

- Trust in ourselves and our ability,

- Step fully into our role of service for humanity,

- Take bold steps and follow the path of purpose,

- Take full responsibility for our creation,

- Embrace all of our Self – the high vibes and low vibes.

- And to step up and BE who and what we are in truth – all that we are, no more no less – with HEALTHY PRIDE.

Courage is the nerve centre of all empowered choice and action.

It’s a sign of that we have embraced VULNERABILITY.

An indicator that we’re putting ourselves out there, venturing outside of our comfort zone, stretching ourselves and/or others into GROWTH.

Owning our Earth Mission will always require the unveiling of our true self, our true thoughts and the soft underbelly of our core beliefs…

Potentially inviting criticism, resistance and ridicule.

We can’t let that opposition stick to us.

Courage makes us like Teflon.

Finally and most importantly we need courage to realise and recognize that when our soul mastered characteristics from higher dimensional planes of existence start to emerge in our experience of life,

That we will give them the attention they deserve;

That we will be honest about them with our Self and others;

And that no matter how much we fear that others might judge us,

We will always remember that the only judgement we ever have to face is our own.

And the only way through self-judgement is to have the Courage to love our Self without condition.

If you’ve been feeling unconscious resistance to following your purpose, knuckling down and doing what it takes to shift the dial on your impactful business and service to the world…

Ask yourself in every instance…

“Is it fear holding me back?”

This fear may reveal itself in many ways…

Putting things off,

Turning down opportunities,

Over analysis,


Excuses and self-doubt.

You may find that Courage is the one-trick-resource you’ve been looking for.

In this FREE Online Workshop...

(the follow up to the The Starseed Activations Live Event held in Melb Jan 2020)...

...I go super deep on Courage and facilitate a next-level activation to make sure you anchor this virtue DEEP.

Please enjoy.

Be ALL that you are.


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Sabina Vitacca

Mindfulness Consultant, Meditate Now

It was a joy and inspiring working with Heath.

He has the ability to very quickly decipher and understand what is in my head, my bigger vision, and is able to execute it into a language and model that I can communicate to the world.

I always felt when working with Heath that he was invested in my business like it was his own.

His drive, insight, expertise, passion, strength, integrity and challenging me to see things differently added so much value to my business.

Thanks so much Heath.
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