Recorded LIVE in Melbourne Australia

Activate Your Soul's True Power to Create a Lasting Impact on Planet Earth 

I recently presented the first round of THE STARSEED ACTIVATIONS, live in Melbourne.

More than 240 people registered for the LIVE EVENT, presented and recorded at Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne!!!

We went deep on the key principles of making a massive impact in the world through purposeful business….


We activated a PLANETARY GRID that will assist Lightworkers and Starseeds across the globe to access the higher conscious coding necessary to fulfil their Earth mission. 🌏

WOW!!! The first in this series of LIVE activations was POWERFUL!


The first Starseed Activations Codes to come through was the COURAGE CODES.

ALL important Earth missions start with Courage.

The Courage firstly to accept the mission, and secondly in order to trust in the universe and your own ability to fulfil it.

I’ve received feedback from workshop attendees saying how much more motivated, inspired and confident they feel in standing in their truth, backing themselves and pursuing their path of purpose.

Some have even indicated a renewed clarity and opening of their channel, and are now receiving their mission and vision, planning the next phase of their service to the world.

When I accepted the mission to run this event and build this community I had no idea how well received it would be and what a powerful effect the activation would have on the participants.

You’ll be blown away at the UPGRADES available for you to receive right NOW!

SO…get ready to step deeper into your potential to create a lasting IMPACT on planet Earth…

As I facilitate a channelled activation anchoring the first round of The Starseed Activation Codes.


✓ (RE)CONNECT with your Divine Guidance Team – your Higher Self, your Soul, your Spirit Guides and Star Family.

✓ DISSOLVE the lower vibrational coding that limits your self-belief and blocks your courage in following a path of purpose.

✓ ACTIVATE remembrance of your Soul’s most mastered characteristics and step into inspired action!

✓ AMPLIFY your influence through embodied self-awareness of your Soul’s desire to lead.

✓ ALIGN your life and your business with your Soul’s highest intentions for purposeful creativity, freedom and abundance.

✓ ACCELERATE your evolution with tools and techniques that unlock your spiritual potential.

If you’re truly here to make an impact and aid the evolution of humanity whilst manifesting abundance be sure to watch this powerful presentation.

The Galactic Federation of Light and I can’t wait to serve you!

Be ALL that you are.

Heath Myers

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Matt Morrison 

Personal Wealth Coach and Author

Director of Wealth Advisory at 'The Practice'

Working with Heath over the last 8 months has been one of the most worthwhile experiences and investments of my life. 

When I came to Heath I felt I bit lost. After working incredibly hard for 15 years building my career and our business as a partner in a wealth advisory firm and emerging thought leader, I’d lost sight of my purpose.

I was doubting myself, procrastinating and didn’t know which direction to go with it all.

Then I found Heath.

From our very first meeting I knew he was the coach I wanted to partner with and an amazing journey began.

Over this journey Heath helped me enormously in getting really clear on my purpose and the impact I want to have on the world.

He also helped me remove the big roadblocks I had that were holding me back from playing a bigger game – mostly around self-doubt and clarity of direction.

As well Heath masterfully helped me develop fantastic IP, adding enormous value to my clients and assisting me to further scale our business.

If you’re a business owner or thought leader looking to get crystal clear on your purpose and play a bigger game, then I highly recommend that you make the investment in your future and engage Heath.

He’s a magician and the best coach I’ve ever had.
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