The Soul Purpose Codes™ 
And The Divine Presence Activation™

Activate Your Soul’s Highest Intentions 
For Purposeful Creativity, Evolution And Impact

It’s TIME.

It ALWAYS is...

The moment to step further and deeper into your WHY?

I’m talking about your HIGHER PURPOSE in LIFE...


Yes, I know. It’s a BIG conversation, right?

AND one that needs to be had!

Because right now humanity is stuck in a loop of lower-vibrational intention and behaviour.

Disrespecting each other and our planet.

It’s been termed a “Crisis of Consciousness” and I see it as a symptom of being disconnected from our True Divine Nature.

What I call our “Divine Presence“.

We’ve forgotten...

That we are spiritual beings having a human experience,

And that we are individual spectrums of a grand unified consciousness each seeking the same thing...

Realisation of our UNLIMITED POTENTIAL and our true capacity for UNITY and LOVE.

I believe that every one of us has a core potential that we’re here to realise.
And that we each have our own unique pathway in which we can activate that unlimited potential...

AND experience greater FREEDOM, JOY and ABUNDANCE in life...
Not only for our Selves but for ALL of humanity.

This is what I would refer to as your “SOUL PURPOSE“.

To me Purpose is knowing your True Self and following that knowing as a pathway.

It’s when you align your life with the SERVICE your Soul came here to provide.

And it really begins when you ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PURPOSE.

What does that mean?

It's activating the Soul remembrance of WHO and WHAT you are and WHY you’re here.

On my mission to serve humanity and live a life aligned with my highest desires I’ve gone DEEP on knowing what my SOUL PURPOSE is...

AND I’ve downloaded maps for walking that path with CERTAINTY and CONFIDENCE.

Activating Soul Purpose comes when you learn to...

-Connect deeply with your Higher Self and the co-creative forces of the Universe, and
-Receive aligned clarity of your Soul’s highest intentions for purposeful creativity.

What follows is...

-Flow & increased synchronicity,
-Greater intuition & strong inner guidance,
-Enhanced sense of opportunity and possibility, and
-Amplified self-confidence.

Then you can step into inspired action and follow through on your vision to live ALIGNED.!


On the 11th of the 11th we had a window to higher dimensional consciousness open up.

11:11 is a numeric frequency with which we can more readily access unlimited consciousness potential.

It presented a great opportunity to anchor the necessary light codes (higher conscious keys of Divine intelligence) to assist humanity in remembering...

WHO we are, WHAT we are and WHY we came here!

So at 3:33pm I presented a channeled activation from THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT as a Facebook Live.


If this calls you..

AND you deeply desire to have FULL awareness of your Soul’s Highest Intentions for Purposeful Creativity, Evolution and Impact...

AND you wish to be a part of activating this awareness on a deeperlevel for the human collective...

So we can Awaken Divine Presence in Humanity.

Click here and view the recording.

Be ALL that you are.

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Dan Brophy

Social Media Marketing and Content Creator

I was unsure how to progress in my career.

It needed to be fulfilling, meaningful and purposefully aligned. I had too many options. I was focusing my energy in too many areas, and not progressing with any of them. I feared making a decision.

My concern about working with a business coach is that they wouldn’t get me on a spiritual level. But when I met Heath I knew I could trust someone as far out as him.

His work is magical but grounded.

With Heath I discovered my core values and strengths. I also learned to focus my service around what is most impactful to both the world and myself.

I set goals that seemed bold and outlandish at the time. Now I simply accept and understand them as where my life is heading.

I also left with a deeper understanding of who I am, and a solid life-compass and game-plan to follow moving forward.

This has not only given me specific direction, it saved me time and energy.

It's been a game changer for my business.

When I look at the evolution of my business - and myself - I see the time working with Heath as the beginning of a new era.
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