EXCLUSIVE ACCESS: Activate the Power of Your Hearts Intelligence to Create a Lasting Impact on Planet Earth 

I learned a long time ago…

That if I wanted to live the most purposeful, meaningful, fulfilling and
IMPACTFUL life possible…

I was going to have to learn to “follow my Heart”.

I was going to have to trust in my Heart’s instincts and its ability to help me live aligned with my highest ideals and values.

I was going to have to let it be my ultimate compass for following PURPOSE.

My “go to” for important decisions.

My BS detector for potential opportunities.

And I can tell you following some of that wisdom was bloody hard.

But to an evolving Soul dedicated to assisting the world,  Committed to expressing their most aligned gifts through thought leadership, impactful business and creativity, This Heart Brain ALIGNMENT is an essential key! 

The challenge is that the world we live in is led by the Head Brain.

It’s geared around subordinating to an external influence and the pressure of what others think and say.

The foundation of society is comprised of complicated systems of belief based on risk aversion, uniformity, separation, competition, over-analysis, power and control.

This is A TOTAL contradiction to how our Soul wishes to create impactfully.

The quality of our creativity is dependent on how much we consciously and unconsciously accept these head-based operating programs.

That’s why when we go to ACT on our most purposeful and aligned instincts, we might feel…

- Uncentered, ungrounded and seeking validation externally,
- Disconnected from our inner truth,
- Confused and uncertain, or
- Disempowered and self-doubting.

We can end up travelling down misaligned pathways - left wondering how we got there…

With life feeling run by “have tos”, “got tos”, “shoulds” and “musts”.

The remedy is to get out of our Head and into our HEART.

Not just into our physical Heart - into the centre of the ENERGY VORTEX of our Heart.

You see the centre of your Heart is a “singularity”.

The centre point of a toroidal electromagnetic field that has no condition and exists in pure unlimited potentiality.

It’s a place from which ANYTHING is possible.

The point is a gateway to the SOUL.

A vehicle through which we can activate remembrance of dormant or forgotten powers.

An incredible piece of spiritual technology with which to clear and transmute low-vibe emotional patterning.

It’s our portal to SOURCE.

And when we activate it…! BOOM !

- Creation and manifestation accelerates;
- Intuition and spiritual guidance is greatly amplified;
- We are grounded, anchoring our creative desires into the Earth plane;
- We become magnetic leaders and channels for personal truth;
- Our capacity to surrender limitations, to let go, receive and create in a way that is UNHINDERED by judgement and conditionality is enhanced;


- It gives us PERMISSION to be our Self - to stand in our POWER and TRUTH!!!


Activating it, tuning into it and developing a relationship with it is essential if you wish to follow your Soul’s highest intentions for purposeful creativity and service.

And today I’m going help you do just that…


Be ALL that you are.

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Andrew Hazzar

Teacher & Adventure Facilitator

Working with Heath continues to be inspirational and motivating.
It was a huge step for me to step financially into a coaching agreement and I am so glad I did.

Heath’s wealth of knowledge, experience and passion shines through his coaching and lights me up, empowering my purpose and contribution to the world.

I am excited about the future and the all the steps on the journey of Impact!


If working with him calls to you.

Just do it.
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