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Congratulations and well done for seizing this opportunity to play together in higher timelines of potential.

Just coming this far is already opening an array of new possibilities for you in The Quantum.

Openings to experience greater levels of Personal Evolution, Freedom and Abundance in Business, Leadership and Life.

And opportunities to gain a premium level of coaching and parallel support for a period 16-weeks to ensure you make those results a grounded reality.

All whilst being a part of a private, high-vibing, conscious collective of Starseeds and Lightworkers passionate about making a positive impact on the world through Soul-Aligned Biz and Living.

It’s super exciting to think how far you can progress and accelerate your momentum in such a short period of time in this Sacred Coaching Container.

So this next step is very important.


This is the part where you apply for the AWD Level 1 Scholarship.

This is your opportunity to tell us all about your Self, your Vision, your Mission and Goals.

And anything else you feel it’s important to share with us in order to successfully apply.

It’s exciting!!!

AND it may also bring up some nerves for you.

If so, that’s okay.

In fact it’s natural to feel that way – this is an important and powerful step for you.

One of many you will take in the process of activating and aligning with your Highest Timeline of Limitless Potential and Purposeful Service.

What’s important is…

That if you feel this program is a vibrationally aligned opportunity for you…

That you step up and go through the process of applying regardless of what might come up for you.

Just answer the questions as best you can and if you don’t know an answer then tell us – that’s still good information right?

If you’re honest and up front then it’s a great application.


Please Note:

– Share as much or as little as you like. The questions are mainly sharing questions and have word limits to ensure you keep it to the point.

– There is a ” Save and Continue Later ” feature at the bottom of the form so you can fill it out in stages if you like.

TIP: online forms are online forms and CAN occasionally play up SO…

– Use a desktop if you can – always easier with forms – if not possible devices will work, but if you have a desktop PC use it

– Might be easier composing it in as an external document, Word Doc or in your notes, then copy and paste when you’re ready to submit the info

– You could also save periodically because if you refresh your browser or your web connection falters you will lose what you’ve written – I’d compose in a doc tbh.

– Once you complete the form you will be sent to a confirmation page and you will also receive email notification.

– A copy of your application will also be sent to us.

– Please check your Spam or Junk Mail for that email.


If you have any complications, concerns or further questions OR do not receive your confirmation message…

Please email OR Facebook Private Message me and we’ll confirm it all for you.

Once again well done and congratulations for coming this far, the real prize awaits when you take this next step.

Applications close very soon, so if you’re feeling it jump in there NOW and complete it as best you can!

Be ALL that you are.



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  • Tell us about You and your Vision.

  • 10 = High Priority / 1 = Very Low Priority
  • 10 = Full Commitment / 1 = Very Low Commitment
  • Where Do You Want to be 12 Months From Now?

  • What’s challenging you?

  • Why is Align With Destiny and this scholarship for you?

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