Nature lover, devoted father, Quantum Business Consultant and Evolution Coach.

I’m the Founder of SoulCreations.Earth, Align with Destiny, The Starseed Activations, and now THRIVE Quantum Business Immersion.

It’s an honour to be with you.

I see your highest POTENTIAL.

I believe in the IMPACT you’re here to make through Soul-inspired business.

We all possess a core, spiritual potential to actualise in this life.

Each of us has a purposeful path to embody that potential.

This potential is our GIFT to humanity.

For the courageous wayshowers who know they’re here to create a huge impact through purpose-driven business, this journey can be challenging.

Challenging for two reasons:

It’s a pathway of self-realisation, constantly reflecting your necessary focus for embodied evolution.

Your business needs to be purposeful, whilst ALSO profitable, impactful, rewarding, and geared for expansion so you and your mission can THRIVE.

That’s where I come in.

I assist Soul-inspired coaches, practitioners, and thought leaders in aligning with their Soul’s mission, activating their quantum potential, and amplifying their impact in the world.

I help them attract more clients, monetise their genius, serve at their highest, and rapidly grow their businesses while living abundant lives.

With 30 years of experience in marketing, sales, and business management, and over 20 years in coaching, consulting, and healing arts, I bring my ALL to my SERVICE.

My programs have touched many thousands and inspired new-earth leaders globally.

My mission: EMBODIED LEADERS combining Self-mastery with business-mastery.

I see you – you’re a powerful creator.

Your business is a potent channel for your medicine, message and fulfilling your Soul’s intentions.

And I’m here to support you in manifesting your purpose and THRIVE!

Be ALL that you are.

Heath Myers

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