About Heath Myers, Agent of Change

I’m a Divine Channel, Business Intuitive and Quantum Evolution and Leadership Coach.

I help impact-driven light workers, thought leaders and business owners follow their purpose to serve humanity whilst living abundant and fulfilling lifestyles.

I help them align with their Soul’s highest intentions, activate their spiritual potential and amplify their influence to achieve lasting Impact in the world.

I’m here to raise consciousness and support those who share in this purpose.

If you have already, or are about to embark upon the brave evolutionary journey of following your life’s purpose through marketing your service to the world…

I see you and I’m here to help.

My Story

My reality literally crumbled right in front of me.

Everything went white – infinite white.

All of a sudden I was sitting in front of a number of divine, cosmic beings.

They looked like multiple eyed deities.

They were witnessing me in a completely egoless state of oneness, pure consciousness, all-knowingness.

The past and future had dissolved.

There was only the infinite, ever-present NOW.

I was totally emptied of EVERYTHING I once thought was true.

And then they asked me telepathically,

“Do you have any questions?”

I spoke my truth…

“There are no questions, there are no answers, IT just IS.”

I realised the only real truth to existence…

Life just IS, and…


Everything else was a STORY.

A construct.

With this realisation something deep within me popped, activating a flood of awareness, inspiration and new intelligence in my body.

I could feel it deep in my cells.

I had seen through the veil of illusion our identity holds.

I knew I had just unearthed a deep truth about life, the universe and everything.

AND I knew I had to share it.

But HOW? And who was I anyway?

In my heart I had always been troubled by the state of the world and the way humans treat each other.

I had a genuine desire to be of service to the world.

I could see that humans were capable of so much more.

I also had openness to the mystery of life.

I had often experienced synchronistic circumstances, paranormal and extra-sensory experiences my mind simply could not explain.

I was in no way religious but always had a sense that something unseen and powerful was guiding and supporting me.

And NOW, more than ever, with this new level of awareness activated…

I could see that humanity’s problem was a collective construct based on FEAR and MISTRUTHS.

Illusions that fed into separation, competition, struggle and winning at all costs.

Illusions that bound us into suffering and attachment.

The illusions that we…

Are unworthy,

Are not enough,

Are not divine and self-sovereign (perfect whole, complete and answer to ourselves),

And the unconscious fear…

That we might never experience our true potential for creativity, freedom and abundance in this lifetime.

My experience had allowed me to see through these egoic limitations.

It had shown me irrefutably that we are all divine cosmic beings,


That we are always experiencing the unfolding of our true, divine potential in the ever-present now.

I also understood that humanity could solve all its problems if it could just realise this for itself.

That war, inequality, disrespect for nature, ourselves and each other were all symptoms of being separated from our spiritual truth.

My path to this point now made total sense.

I now had the overwhelming urge to help others experience their true power.

So they could step into their purpose, on their own unique pathway of ascension.

So they could live in the abundant flow of divine creation and actualize their true spiritual potential.

Now I’d had a glimpse of what’s possible I wanted to help people…

Be ALL that they are!




And then…


Rapidly emerging in relationships, business, friendships, family – EVERYTHING at once.

It was like I was going insane.

Like my mind couldn’t handle the level of awareness that had been activated.

The knowledge of my potential messed with me.

The distance between where I was and what I knew I was capable of was so vast I turned in on myself.

I started to realise just how deep those limitations were and that if I wanted to help people, the work and the real change had to start with ME.

AND it might be a FOREVER thing.

The next chapter of my life was defined by immersing myself in a multitude of studies, practices, education and transformational experiences.

I became obsessed with quantum physics.

I studied with mystery schools, explored shamanism and opened myself to divine channeling.

I learned a diversity of energy healing arts, meditation practices, embodiment arts and martial arts.

I studied NLP, hypnotherapy, life coaching, crystal healing and various quantum/transformational modalities.

I went DEEP.

I had cleared my life of misaligned professions, partnerships and toxic relationships.

I let go of everything again to come back to my Self.

And finally after 10 years of journeying, I asked a simple question in meditation.

“What is my Life Purpose?”

A voice answered really clearly.

“You are here to awaken Divine Presence in Humanity.”

It made perfect sense, since I had such a visceral experience of Divinity it in my awakening encounter.

After asking every day for 2 months, receiving the same answer, the voice came back with a different reply.

“The problem isn’t that you do not know your purpose. The problem is that you do not FOLLOW it.”

I realised that purpose was a pathway, not a destination.

And that I would need to start upon that path if I was to see where it headed.

I realised that for all my studies and transformational experiences I still had the overwhelming feeling that…

I wasn’t GOOD enough,

I wasn’t WORTHY enough,

I wasn’t QUALIFIED enough,

I wasn’t EXPERIENCED enough,

I didn’t KNOW enough to make my mark on the planet.

I was reminded of the fear I had peered through.

I saw that in all my efforts to understand I had strayed from the simple realisation.


And that already I AM ALL THAT I AM.

It was now 2010 heading into 2012.

The Earth’s frequency was going through a dynamic shift.

A great teacher of mine was straight up with me,

“It’s time to stop studying and start implementing.”

I vowed to no longer allow my fear of not being enough to stand in the way of my potential, my purpose or my ability to serve the world.



I stepped into my power and started applying my knowledge.

My energetic sensitivity, empathy and intuition started to escalate rapidly.

My channel opened rapidly and I started to experience remembrance of next-level skills and traits beyond anything I had studied.

I started to remember shamanic arts, martial arts, healing modalities, crystal technology, various dialects of light language that were all new to me.

When put in the right circumstances I knew what to do.

The universe opened doors in a range of directions.

I found myself running large, ceremonial, planetary activations under the name Coalessence.

Simultaneously I was invited to step into leadership facilitation and coaching at major corporations, coupled with social responsibility projects assisting long term unemployed back into work.

I channeled through the Inner Essence Personal Awakening Practice and teachings.

I listened to my guidance and every pathway I followed opened an even greater level of hidden potential and Soul remembrance.

I realised I was a Starseed.

An old Soul with a Galactic lineage whose remembrance of past life intelligences is activated to achieve a specific purpose in the planet’s current phase of evolution.

By 2014 I felt like a level of my mission was complete and I entered fatherhood.

My purpose was shifting and expanding. I could feel it and I started to shift my focus from Awakening, to practices of Alignment.

My new purpose was now PURPOSE.

I picked up studying again but this time I decided to bury my head in authority marketing and content creation.

I focused on building a mountain of IP, unpacking a series of new coaching models and frameworks.

My mission was to assist others to find their Key Area of Impact in life and follow their inner compass to create impactful businesses and fulfilling lifestyles.

I founded The Mastery Matrix Mastermind and helped 100’s of people get aligned with their purpose.

The coaching delivered outstanding results – especially to thought leaders and other practitioners.

But STILL something was missing.

I could feel a deeper level of misalignment in my work.

I wasn’t being honest with the world.

The front end of my business was ‘mindset and business’ and the back end was ‘spirituality and ascension’.

I was trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

I was hiding.

Not walking my talk.

I was also hustling.

It smashed me in two and I scaled my business back to focus on fewer clients and re-discover my greatest characteristics for inspiring change.

I saw with great clarity, what I knew all along….

What I had experienced in that moment my reality was shattered and I sat there in front of my multiple eyed deity friends…

That I am a CHANNEL.

An intermediary for Divine Light Beings and Spiritual Intelligence from higher dimensions of existence.


After all I had been through, I was still afraid of showing the world what I am.

That old fear had surfaced AGAIN.

This time equally as a fear of my power AND the fear of what others might think and say – losing recognition.

Once again I have been reminded that I AM ALL THAT I AM.

Once again I’ve stepped through the veil of fear.

Owning this feels like the bravest step I have ever taken.

But with it as I look back over my story it makes sense.

I now bring with me the fullness of my experience and self mastered characteristics into my service.

I help others who are also on a path of evolution and leadership whilst planning strategizing and marketing successful businesses.

I’m a Quantum Evolution & Leadership Coach for impact-driven light-workers thought-leaders, business owners and service providers.

I help them align with their Soul, activate their spiritual evolution and amplify their influence to achieve impact whilst living abundant and fulfilling lives.

I do so with full assistance of my Divine Guidance Team.

I remember my Spiritual Awakening like it was just yesterday.

When I peered through the illusion of life that keeps us playing small.

When I experienced a glimpse of our divinity, our true spiritual and human potential.

When I decided to devote my life to aiding humanity in the process of awakening to its Divine Presence.

I see what I’ve accomplished since then.

I’ve built and sustained a 6-figure, impact-driven business that’s touched the lives of thousands of people on all levels of the community.

I’ve mobilised other thought leaders to make their mark on humanity.

I’ve awakened people to their greatest strengths, their most purposeful pathways in life and helped them be ALL they can be.

I have been following purpose for 20 years now and making a living out of my life-purpose for over a decade.

I live surrounded by the stars and nature, in a ring of volcanoes in the Victorian Central Highlands.

I’ve built a lifestyle and a service profession that see’s me living life on MY terms whilst serving the planet to my highest.

If you’re a way-shower, a light-worker or a thought-leader with an impact driven service or small business…

And you’re on the journey of actualising your true potential to serve humanity and live your Soul’s purpose…

Keep moving forward.

Keep taking those steps.

Stepping through the fears.

The world NEEDS you….

To live aligned with your Purpose,

To be a vibrational match for the change you wish to see in the world,

To explore the true power of your quantum self,

To live your Soul’s authentic expression and be a channel for inspiration,

To lead your tribe with a powerful brand and service,

And to show us all what you are truly capable of.

So you can achieve REAL impact for humanity.

Be ALL that you are.





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